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Go to market differently

Asher Mathew and Kelly Sarabyn talk to industry leaders unlearning current playbooks and adopting new growth strategies
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The buying journey has changed

Editor’s pick

Unlearn Hosts
Asher Mathew
Partnership Leaders
More about Asher
Asher Mathew is the CEO of Partnership Leaders, the leading private network for partnerships, alliances, channel, business development and ecosystem professionals and executives. Asher's background spans  sales, marketing, customer success and partnerships where he has directed strategy and led teams for companies ranging from smb and mid-market to enterprise. Prior to founding Partnership Leaders, Asher held leadership positions at Demandbase (via acquisition of DemandMatrix), LeanData (Raised Series C), Avalara (IPO) and Nodus Technologies (Acquired by EVO Payments). Today, Asher and his team are relentlessly focused on one mission, elevating partnership teams worldwide.
Kelly Sarabyn
More about Kelly
Kelly is the Platform Ecosystem Advocate at HubSpot, where she leads tech partner enablement and advocacy. Previously, she ran marketing at Pandium, an embedded iPaaS and marketplace, and was a partner at Woden, a branding agency. She lives outside of Philadelphia.

Why our listeners love us

A must listen

I listen to this on Spotify on my way to work and it is a perfect way to start the day. It energizes me and gets me thinking outside the box and with a fresh perspective. Highly recommend.
Eric Din
SVP Americas Partner Ecosystem, Qualtrics

Don’t miss this

A colleague told me about this show and I’m hooked. Instead of hearing the same people talk about the same things, this show brings in a wide variety of perspectives on going to market. The hosts ask challenging questions which makes for interesting dialogue and the guest digging deeper.
Sofia Tulchinsky
SVP & COO, Alliances and Channel, Salesforce

Keen insights

This is a must listen for any business leader. It's highly engaging and it surfaces new ideas and approaches to going to market. Whether you agree with the guest or not, it's guaranteed to make you think.
Tracy Kraft
VP, Global Revenue Marketing, Demandbase

Think differently

This podcast is about looking at conventional business in a new lens. Every guest brings a fresh and innovative perspective with actionable takeaways.
Sanjay Mehta
Chief Cloud Officer, Tackle

Always interesting

If you are responsible for driving revenue at a business, no matter what your role is, this podcast will make you think.
Tai Rattigan
Global Head of Business Development, Deel

Highly Recommended

I got early access to the Unlearn podcast and whether you're starting your career in partnerships or have been working in partnerships for years - Don't miss it. You will walk away with at least one new actionable idea for every episode and you will enjoy listening. If you add one new show to your line up, this should be it.
Gilad Zubery
EVP, Contentsquare
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