Mastering Mega Deals: Insights from a Decade of B2B Dealmaking

Show Notes

On this episode of the Unlearn podcast, Listen in to Asher and Kelly talk to Christopher Engman, a veteran in the mega deals space.  He discusses the differences between selling to large enterprises versus small businesses and how marketing plays a bigger role in mega deals due to the complexity of decisions.

He emphasizes the unique approach needed for mega deals, highlighting the impact of complex decision-making in matrix organizations. Christopher explores the evolving landscape of mega deals in the digital era, underlining the role of marketing in building brand trust. The conversation underscores the significance of understanding client data, departments, and decision-making processes, with Christopher advocating for targeting investors and stakeholders to expedite opportunities.

Key Takeaways:  

00:00 - Introduction
1:47 - Inspiration to go work on Mega deals
5:12 - Winning deals through innovative marketing strategies
11:04 - Quantifying a Mega deal and the complexities involved
16:57 - Sales strategies for large deals
22:34 - Startup funding, Marketing and relationships
28:05 - Marketing, Branding and social selling
29:44 -  Optimizing the emotional engagement in marketing
35:00 - Insight into social selling techniques
39:25 - Following the social code
41:21 - Finite market paradox
43:45 - What hinders sellers from adopting the social selling methodology?

Key Quote:

“When you are a few 100 people company, decision making is distributed. That's the key word! it's distributed, it's not so easy to get a group in the same room and make a decision”

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